From initially attending a life changing parenting group when her daughter was four years old in 1992, Steph has been involved on and off with PNS. Coming from a back ground in Social Work, Further Education, Higher Education and Community Education, Steph has been working with PNS as a sessional Facilitator for over 20 years. Working with parents in a range of settings from schools to community centres and in partnership with local organisations, she has been immensely inspired and heartened by the enthusiasm, courage, strength and resilience shown by parents, all too often, in the face of multiple personal and social challenges.

Working as a member of the PNS training team over the last ten years, she has been privileged to work alongside groups of highly skilled, committed and passionate learners, and witnessing their personal and professional success has been greatly rewarding.

Steph continues to work as a yoga teacher, drama facilitator, Reiki practitioner and community activist and values the opportunity to contribute to the crucial work of this organisation.