This inspirational parent has been involved with us since September 2015, and we would like to share her journey with us in this time.  Antonia has overcame adversity, and on a daily basis demonstrates resilience, this woman is a true inspiration to parents.  She has made a huge impact within the community and her family.  

She has successfully completed the PNS three stage training model.  At present Antonia is on her Parenting Matters Facilitator training, and she is co-facilitating PNS Parenting Matters Courses in the community with many parents benefiting from the insight she brings.  Antonia continues to grow and develop on a daily basis, both in the community and at home with her daughter and husband, who also have been through a Parenting Matters Course together.  They want to ensure their daughter benefits from both parents working with a set of PNS tools to aid understanding and build closer relationships within their family unit.

Antonia has given a massive contribution to the young parents' community.  She has been integral to the success of our Young Parents Leadership Programme, initially encouraging parents to embark on the Parenting Matters Course through sharing her own experiences of learning with PNS; then co-facilitating as part of her training the group successfully through the Parenting Matters Course. She then supported the trainer to deliver our Development Award which the group successfully completed, and included the group arranging a Christmas event for their children with party games, arts and crafts then a visit from Santa and also a trip to the Pavilion for a pantomime, an Easter Event with Bookbug, games, crafts and Easter Egg Hunts.  The group then organised a summer programme.  The group have also completed First Aid Training with the British Red Cross and Conflict Training with the SCCR.  Antonia's group are interested in ACEs training which they will be embarking on next.

Antonia also came out her comfort zone to be part of the Young Parents Leadership drama ‘Now and Then’ which depicts her parent journey and PNS experience becoming aware of the pressure involved in trying to be a ‘perfect parent’.  The short film has inspired and resonated with many young parents.

Antonia has also given more of her time to PNS Parents Voice monthly meetings since the beginning, three years ago and has contributed to consultations with the Scottish Government, SCCR, Skills Development Scotland and helped to arrange PNS events and to develop virtue workshops. We are very grateful for this continued commitment.

Antonia has also successfully completed her PNS Parent Link Volunteer Training and is in the process of receiving her Community Achievement Award accredited through Glasgow Kelvin College for recognition of her voluntary contributions to community groups.

Antonia has undergone intense training to become part of the Community Mothers for the NHS which helps to support parents that are breastfeeding in Wishaw General Hospital. Antonia is an advocate for breastfeeding within her community and will be attending various groups to promote the benefits of breast feeding. Also, Antonia has successfully completed, PEEP training and PNS four day Practitioner Training.  Antonia has recently completed an introduction to counselling and psychology college course in which she thoroughly enjoyed learning the various theories and relating them to her own experiences and relationships. Her dream is to continue to give back to her community, wanting to help parents the way she has been helped and supported.

We are delighted Antonia’s work and impact has been recognised through receiving her much deserved Parent Network Scotland award at our Scottish Parent Awards in May, at the Glasgow City Chambers.  

My journey has been absolutely amazing and life changing. I have done so many new and different activities, a lot I would never have dreamed of, met lovely genuine people and my emotional health has been greatly helped also. I feel like I have found myself and for the first time ever I feel like I belong somewhere.  Whilst learning new tools to deal with parenting, I feel I definitely understood my child’s needs and how to communicate better with her. I have also been in environments that I would never have dreamed of being in. I do not know where I would be today if not from the support and opportunities from PNS.”             Antonia Caithness, PNS Trainee Facilitator