Rachael is our newest staff member who has come on board with Parent Network Scotland with over 9 years’ experience in the field of trauma work. With a wealth of knowledge in psychology, the effects of trauma, and training and facilitation, Rachael is supporting Parent Network Scotland to be a trauma informed workforce, with facilitators who not only ask how we can help, but what happened to parents in understanding their need for support.

“I have worked with lots of different types of people within the trauma field, and I feel very passionate about human connection being the basis of what makes life important. Very often the people I have supported have had a number of things happen in their lives, that make it more difficult or challenging at times to function and be at their best level of wellbeing. And very often, what I’ve found people need is just an open ear, a welcoming smile, and a safe space 

Having become a mum for the first time to our beautiful baby girl last year, I am understanding more of what parents face and the effects of day to day things as well as acute events on our parenting. I’m normally in groups, training, and support sessions in a professional capacity but attending the PNS Parenting Matters course as a parent gave me the safe space I needed to talk through feelings I didn’t even know I had about being a mum for the first time. I also didn’t realise just how grateful I’d be for a hot cuppa and a chat with other parents… some ‘me time’, guilt free.” 

Rachael was pleased to be offered the opportunity to deliver courses with PNS, including their three-stage model, as well as the Rock Pool ACEs course, along with delivering trauma informed training to staff. She also is involved in media and marketing for Parent Network Scotland and is very excited for what working with the organisation will bring!