Dr Kelly is an Associate Tutor and Deputy Director of the MSc in Educational Psychology, School of Psychology and Health within the University of Strathclyde. The British Psychological Society requires that Associate Educational Psychology teaching posts are linked concurrently to relevant posts providing practice in the field. Dr Kelly has 20 years of experience as Senior Educational Psychologist in Scotland. She has a focus on the development of effective real world interventions.

  • As Lead Editor and author Dr Kelly has developed the frameworks concept for Educational Psychology, integrating models to create coherence from epistemology to practice protocols. The key text Kelly, Woolfson and Boyle (2008) Frameworks for Practice in Educational Psychology is now in its second edition and is listed as essential reading across Educational Psychology Programmmes in the UK, Ireland and in New Zealand and Australia.
  • In the international context Dr Kelly is Lead Editor and Author, Cambridge Handbook of Implementation Science for Psychology in Education

PNS commissioned external evaluation in 2008 by Dr Kelly et al., which was predominantly qualitative and based on self-report. Results from this study were strongly positive. Download the full report.

Who uses PNS?

Over the past 5 years 3000 parents have taken part in PNS courses, mainly delivered in areas of significant social disadvantage. Evaluation evidence shows that:

  • Parents who use PNS reflect the social, ethnic and cultural diversity of their communities.
  • Engagement and retention rates are high, typically between 80-90%.
  • At least two-thirds of parents come from the lowest 20% of the population based on disposable income, and only one in 10 are owner occupiers.
  • 75% of parents attending PNS are unwaged, 40% lone parents, and half of parents have English as a second language.

Are PNS parent group leaders effective?

PNS group facilitators make a unique contribution to PNS’s success, achieving engagement and outcomes beyond those that can be accomplished by professional services alone. Evidence shows that:

  • PNS parent facilitators training is effective and significantly increases their parenting knowledge and facilitation skills
  • Over 90% of parents completing PNS rate group leader competence, knowledge and motivational skills very

Does PNS continue to work?

Routine activity monitoring and outcome evaluation is conducted for all PNS courses.

  • PNS uses a standard battery of outcome measures at the beginning and end of each course.
  • This provides on going information about the parent populations using PNS and assesses its continuing effectiveness, fidelity and quality.