Nicola Miller

How did you get involved with PNS?  What brought you?

After having my son, I attended Rathbones TOPS project.  From this they got in contact with PNS who came in and done the courses.

How was your journey?

For me the journey was emotional some points hard.  From my friends group none of them have children so it was good to meet other parents.  It was useful to chat to other parents to discuss issues or problems we faced and support each other as well as help give advice.  The staff of PNS were so supportive to everyone in the group. 

Is there anything that stands out?

The thing that stands out to me is how supportive the staff and parents were through out my journey through PNS and still now.  How the staff helped me with my confidence levels.  They helped me realise what I want to do and that I could achieve anything I set my mind to and I cannot thank them enough.

How did PNS help with your development?

The staff at PNS have supported me to go to college and help when I had a job interview.

What are you going on to do?

 Last year I successfully finished my HNC Working with Communities with an A from my graded unit.  I am now at University of Glasgow studying Community Development and have got a part time job in youth work. 

Any words of wisdom for new parents?

PNS will support and it is so worth while sometimes can be a bit of a personal challenge, but you can do it.  Also you meet so many nice people in groups and staff.