Louise is another inspirational parent that has overcome adversity to successfully complete our three stage training model, and recently received her Community Achievement Award.  Louise’s dream is to continue to help other parents by creating safer, respectful spaces, to meet, give and receive peer support, and learn new ways to be a parent.  She has prepared and presented to social work staff, giving a parent's perspective, and identifying what parents need, which inspired Louise to apply to college to enhance her social care journey.

Part of Louise’s journey as a trailblazer with PNS led her to set up a support group in Largs, and encourage the group to embark on our Parenting Matters Course.  Most of the group were inspired by Louise to also successfully complete our three step training model.

Some words from Louise;

"That's me completed my Higher in Health and Social care and await my results for my graded unit in August and back to do my HNC in August. While I was doing my course at Ayrshire college I also achieved a Community award from Kelvin College for doing voluntary work with Parent Network Scotland this has made me very proud of myself and is very dear to my heart as it also helps me remember what is important in life to help me reach my goals and for that I will be forever grateful xx thank u to my PNS friends u always keep my cup full xx"