Karin got involved with Parent Network Scotland initially in 2014 when she successfully completed our Practitioner Award training to follow her dream to facilitate training.  As she has two children with an ASD she then decided to complete our Parenting Matters Course in Maryhill for parents of children with additional needs.  

PNS are delighted to have Karin on board and are mentoring Karin through her Endorsed Award to become a PNS facilitator, Karin has successfully co-facilitated three Parenting Matters Courses.  Two of these groups came together with parents from her Daisy Street Support Group. The further Parenting Matters Group have been invited to join her Group which offers continued support for parents. Karin is delighted to have been given this opportunity to put her facilitator passion into practice and to offer continued peer support for parents. 

Karin is also integral to our Parents' Voice Group and we are very grateful for this continued commitment. Parents' Voice meets monthly for consultations with the Scottish Government, SCCR, Skills Development Scotland and helped to arrange PNS events and to develop virtue workshops.

Karin is a true inspiration and despite various health challenges and the challenges of raising two children with an ASD she continues to give her time, care, support and be an inspiration to other parents.   Karen runs a facebook page to share important information, resources, free talks and discounts with parents, she now has 458 members and also runs a peer support group in the South side of Glasgow called Daisy Street which is open to all parents and runs on a monthly basis with a vision off filling the gap for parents between diagnosis and moving forward.

We are delighted Karin was recognised for her amazing community work last year at our Scottish Parent Awards at Scottish Parliament and received the Parent Network Scotland Award from Lorraine McIntosh.

Karin’s Words;

For me, my PNS journey has been very inspiring and empowering, being given opportunities to be involved in things that I wouldn’t otherwise have been helped me to become more confident as a parent and as a volunteer.  PNS has really built me back up and I am delighted to be on my Endorsed Award training.  PNS has opened a lot of doors and I feel important. I am more reflective with my kids using I statements count to 10 is things we know already now they have a different meaning.  I feel special and valued and it’s good the way we all have our niche and skill set.”