Karin has two children with Asperger's syndrome and ADHD. Based on this, she set up a parent support group to empower parents and provide support, as well as provide workshops and training opportunities for parents. This is how Karin became involved with Parent Network Scotland and is now a PNS sessional facilitator. Karin is also an MCR pathway mentor in secondary schools, where the focus is to provide mentoring to young people where there is a barrier to learning. She worked in adult mental health, based in the community for 20 years also, and this has given an overall in-depth knowledge of how family dynamics work, and the massive impact mental health issues have on children. Karin has a sincere passion about helping parents and families, and has extensive training and experience as well as being an advocate for parents.

Karin loves DIY and cycling, although her physical health does not allow it, as well as travelling home to Norway or visit her favourite place - Salou.