The Daisy Street group is a support group for parents who have children with Aspergers syndrome, Autistic Spectrum Disorder and ADHD in the South Side of Glasgow although anyone in Glasgow can join the group. The aim of the group is to empower parents so that they gain resources, advice, information and insight to be able to gain confidence to be able to advocate on behalf of your children, and within this process, assist your children in developing skills to do this for themselves.

Workshops with guest speakers on various topics, are taking place and there are training links to Parent Network Scotland. They also offer a safe platform for parents to share personal and emotional issues via their Daisy Street ASN Facebook page

The group meet twice monthly in

Govanhill Neighbourhood Community Centre

6 Daisy Street

Govanhill G42 8JL.

Dates and times are posted in the Facebook group prior to each meeting, or if you have any further queries you can contact Karin on 07880550339.