What learning or specific tools have had the biggest impact on your relationship?

  • Reflective Listening, positive behaviour
  • Fill your cup helped me to realise that I had to look after myself before I could look after my family
  • The tools I found most important were emotional flooding as for me to realise that sometimes people need time to relax and calm before facing the problem solved a vast amount of explosions in my house
  • “I can” statement allowed me to focus on the positive rather than the negative. This changed my home dynamic as even with my husband we argued over insignificant things because we were stuck in the negative. Now we think of what we would like allowing positive relationships
  • The iceberg model is the tool I found had the biggest impact on my relationship with my son
  • Filling my cup – taking time for me to be able to work calmly and confidently and deal with whatever is thrown
  • Who’s problem is it
  • To stop and think before I react with my children, traffic lights

 Since the course / Training what changes have you made to your parenting?

  • Patience, listening feelings
  • I try to change the way I ask my children to do things using the I would like you to…..
  • More focused – realise I need to take time for myself as if I’m ok my family will be ok
  • I have become more understanding of underlying issues that could cause behavioural changes
  • I now look at my children through their eyes and the way or thinking, making compromise easier
  • Pick my battles
  • I Stop and listen

 What has changed in your family life as a result of PNS training / courses?

  • Confidence, better grades, children’s school
  • I am more confident and less stressed which makes a better environment for my children
  • More patience – more open and understanding allow time to talk and be open
  • I have gained the confidence to move on with my life, gain qualifications and expand my family
  • We can sit as family and calmly work things out
  • Relationship with eldest child in care

 What has your PNS journey inspired you to go on and do?

  • I did 2 years support working with Quarriers, more groups, refreshers, facilitating
  • I have followed my dreams to go to college and become an Early Years Practitioner, and to use my skills to support other parents
  • PNS inspired me to follow my own path and go to UNI to be a teacher. I had put this off as I had chosen to be an at home mum but now I needed to focus on me.
  • I went to college and began working in the school as a teaching assistant, I am now an early years practitioner
  • Im at college, run my own skating group, have the confidence to be chair at school council
  • Work as support worker in the community
  • I have made new friends and I can vent with them, feelings fountain.

 What was the highlight of your learning experience?

  • People we met, the job opportunities it opened up and the further learning
  • Meeting all the other ladies who were a fab support
  • The highlight was meeting the friends I made for life / support network to help me through
  • Gaining confidence and understanding my son more
  • Getting to know a lovely bunch of parents and realise that I/we are not alone
  • Meeting mums on the same wave length / making lasting friendships

 What could we have done differently to enhance your learning experience?

  • More time together
  • Time machine to go back and do it again for a few months
  • All is well and good.
  • Only thing I would change is to have it continue
  • The learning experience delivered was done brilliantly and with thought
  • Have the course be yearly thing
  • Be more independent and do more for myself. My cup is always full…