One of our fabulous staff members Susan, and our brilliant ambassador James Smith, will be taking part in an exciting event to raise funds in aid of Parent Network Scotland families!

The Mindshift Firewalk Experience!

"Firewalking isn’t just a mind-over-matter process. Walking over hot coals is a symbolic experience that gives people the courage to take on any challenge. After all, if you can make it through the fire, you can make it through anything.

It will renew certainty and self-assuredness that can be carried into every aspect of your live.

The Mindshift Experience is a life changing experience!"

Support Susan and James by donating - every penny will go towards supporting families in Scotland to take part in our courses, training, fun days, and community hubs.

The event will take place at Columba Club, Renfrew PA4 8SL on Sunday 2nd February 2020 at 6pm! Please feel free to come along and cheer Susan and James on!

We thank you in advance for the much appreciated contribution to our organisation and the difference we can make to our families.